My first post, found this website cause I was mad that my UI Images in Unity weren’t showing and dragging them around left holes in my UI. #Fuck unity and their random ass bugs you can’t do anything about(sometimes).

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    Is it a bug in unity or not knowing how their UI system works?
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    @Codex404 I think it’s Unity since it pops up randomly from me not doing anything. And it’s if it was user error it would’ve been on the internet before, about how images are literally dragging holes through the canvas (sometimes disappearing completely). But it could be a mix between user error and a bug since it only happens to images with a specific shader, but yet again why does NOBODY have this problem if it was another simple mistake on my end that causes me pain. I’ll tell you if I fix it.
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    Fixed the problem, used an unlit shader as a base instead of an image effect shader
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