What kind of pranks have you had in your office when people leave their desk without locking their computer?

In an office where I used to work, we would send an email from the offender's account to the extended org about how he/she loves bacon.

One guy would start sending messages to every personal IM contact: "you suck." Over and over.

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    At our work we have an unwritten policy of: "don't touch other peoples' shit".

    Honestly, its a pain in the ass to keep your brain in the zone. Having someone pull shit like this is unprofessional. It makes it harder to concentrate on solving problems.
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    I'd rather get pranked than fired.
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    Someone was on vacation.

    They had this nearly ceiling high large cube at this place.

    It was thought that it would be funny to fill it with balloons. So everyone kicked in and filled it over a few days.

    Then ... it got really dry in the office. Balloons began to pop if you just walked near the cube and static electricity built up.

    Everything electronic in the cube was fried by the time they got back.

    Not the desired outcome, but good story though!
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    I set wallpaper as web browser screenshot of gay(dot)com and hide desktop icons once it was harmless and funny.
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    At a summer internship while I was in college, we would change their background, profile pic, etc. to David Hasselhoff.

    At another job, we would usually rotate the screen 180 degrees (in display settings, not the physical monitor itself).

    Little harmless things that don't take long to fix and leave no evidence behind.

    I think sending emails or IMs on their behalf might be going a little too far.
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    I remember a couple of instances, once it was sending a party invite to the team's mailer list. Another time it was, "Hey folks, It's been my dream to become a president since when i was a kid. I really want y'all to support me. X for president! "
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    And another time I remember the failed attempt to prank, by essentially using a for loop on terminal to create a dialog that said "you've been hacked" and moving that terminal onto another desktop so it's not visible. But when she came back, she mindlessly turn off the other display coz it was lunch time and we went to lunch. Never got to see the reaction
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    We have a standing rule. You can change someone's background to anything work appropriate (my little pony, cats, powerpuff girls, etc). You must leave it for 48 hours. Makes for some interesting screen share sessions.
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    I use David Hasselhoff pic with naked torso every time. Security is top priority in our company so it's better to embarrass someone than to say goodbye to him
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    in fullscreen
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    Screenshot the Desktop then set it as desktop background. After that put all the files, folders to somewhere else. Works every time xD
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    @pnhuyduy also set it to use an invisible cursor
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    Some monitors have no writing on them or anything, so you can turn them upside down and they still look the same. (This is on systems that you can't invert the monitor picture in software.)

    You can also switch connections so the monitors next to each other are connected to your neighbours machine.

    Then they wonder why their mouse is drunk and slow to respond..

    Cellotape over the phone button, so when you pick up the receiver, its still ringing.

    Sending live things that can eat / bite / sting /etc. you, in internal mail..

    Fake BSOD client, but that never got deployed since I got spotted coding at lunch time and reported for coding ! (It was a computer course, we was forbidden to code..) So I got a black mark on my record for that..

    Turning the brightness and contrast right down so the screen is black.
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    I had a colleague who is very careless to keep his system unlocked and I don't remember how many times I have sent a party invite for the whole floor from his IM.
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