First day of web server programming class. The teacher clearly doesn't know anything. He doesn't even know what the course is about! When someone asks him what it is, he mumbles about "dynamic" something... Then he says we will be using the languages JavaScript, MVC, and PHP. What the fuck. MVC? LANGUAGE?

He then tries to come up with some project we could make, and is not going to teach anything apparently. Keep in mind, most people in this class have very little previous experience with programming.

After not saying anything for a long time, he finally tells us to make a clock in JavaScript. A CLOCK. He is supposed to teach how to make Web APIs and such, but instead, he tells us to make a clock in JavaScript, and that's it.

What. The. Fuck.

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    Welcome bakk 😉 💕
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    For a second i thought you were a dane, due to it sounds pretty familiar.
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    That sounds less than optimal.

    I was asked to apply for a job where I would teach when I felt....I was way too early in the game to be able to teach.

    I suspect that isn't uncommon.
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    First day of class and he want you to make a clock?

    People will only copy the clock example they see on the internet.

    Give him a benefit of doubt. Maybe he will say "It was hard making even a simplest thing such as clock in javascript is difficult. Let me teach you how to make a clock and many other interesting thing in this class."

    Some teacher give the end result first and teach in backward nature (although I am not really sure whether it is a good teaching method).

    Similarly when I need to explain difficult concept , I usually show the end result first and ask questions. By asking question I can frame the end result into a smaller component and just explain what those individual smaller component does.
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    Excellent first rant, welcome to devRant!
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    @NoMad Haha thanks
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    @Frederick As a swede, I am offended, hehe
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    @bakk hello offended, I am... Wait a minute, I thought you were bakk 😕
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    @NoMad n-no comment
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    @bakk Hej Hej friend! I love Sweden. I was there as part of my Erasmus program.
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