So apparently hiring these days is all about 1/3 learning random questions and answers 1/3 remembering algorithms from code execution portals 1/3 luck. Well fuck my life, it’s worse then 5 years ago when I last switched jobs.
So how was it 5 years ago you ask ?
I send my cv with exposed java interviewed for javascript and hired for python. At least then it was 50/50 luck.

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    @aldkjdjs whole life is about luck, at least 50% of it. You can remember all code and don’t get a job cause of some global crisis, land on street and beg for money. Got depressed and start drinking. Go to interview and hit by bus. Try interview and sudden electronic malfunction.
    And those are just simple prosaic things that are happening all the time.
    Fucking karma and entropy.
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    I hire based solely on ideology and the monologue that the person delivers. Code shit can be learned, ideology can’t. If you know Vue you can code in React in two days, but if you’re a stubborn braindead corporate unethical cuck who doesn’t understand startups, you won’t deliver any quality code here even in 20 years. The only thing you can do is to fuck up on twitter for the whole world to see and thus put our small company under sjw fire.

    Not hired much but when I did, it worked perfectly
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    The opposite is also true. If you’re a special snowflake duckduckgo dwelling vegan sjw startuper, you won’t perform much in a corporation no matter if it does something ethically wrong or doesn’t.
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    @uyouthe true, those are different worlds, corporate wheels move slowly and stop all the time.

    When I was hiring I usually picked cv and ask questions about technology that was on resume, if it was something I know a little or interesting topic. If someone was speaking naturally and it was interesting I never stopped them just ask following questions about this tech and when time was up I just say thanks and tell hr to pick that person cause if someone manage to describe what they did I was sure he know what he’s doing and that’s a lot in this field.
    If not much was in cv I asked some simple data structures questions like what’s the difference between hashmap and array or array and set and it was also enough.
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    @vane see, you already know how to hire
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