Which is best text editor in play store for android phone

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    I use vim in termux. Keybindings aren't optimal for phones but I haven't bothered looking for anything better. And I doubt you can find anything with as many features on the play store, let alone for free and without ads.
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    @Conrad How do you share files between Android and the Termux environment? When I tried it out that was the thing I couldn't quite get working and I'd love to use it instead of the usual bad note-taking apps.

    I don't even need some file copy feature, I just wanna be able to upload the stuff somewhere as backup, without using something like git(although that would be a way I guess).
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    DroidVim is great too.
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    Quoda is damn good as far as mobile editors go
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    export EDITOR=nano
    $EDITOR + hackers keyboard + termux
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