My Office Sucks. They give me impossible deadlines, and never properly test my code. And when it breaks in the production, they blame me.

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    Well if you coded it, of course they blame you. Whom else would they blame?!

    And "devrant" doesn't mean "developer rant" because there are ONLY devs here, hence EVERY rant is a "developer rant". Instead, it's for stuff about devrant.com itself.
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    I hear you on testing part. I'm expected to test my code. I really suck at it. So get a lot of rollbacks and fixing bugs after it already went to prod. Story of my life. But alas, I get better every time. So there is that.

    If I was as good as @Fast-Nop I wouldn't have prod bugs :) At least it's something to strive for.
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    @superposition Not so sure about that since he's a C guy. It doesn't matter how much of an expert you are in C, you will always make a mistake somewhere
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    @superposition @12bitfloat There will always be some bugs, though most of mine are either logical ones, or already in the requirements. That happens in every language.

    However, it's extremely rare that I have typical C bugs like segfaults, and I love writing pointer-heavy code. Then again, I'm also much into static code analysis with my tooling.
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    @Fast-Nop Static analysis has come a long way but there's always that one little bug that seems to sneak through the cracks
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    I feel you man, I'm in the exact same situation.

    Sure I'm self-employed and work from home, but the rest holds true.
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