Went to the store to get some stuff only to comeback finding Windows auto updated. Nice.

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    Yay I'm not alone this week.
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    I've set auto update times from 00:00 to 6:00 - time when my pc is mostly turned off
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    Recently switched to Linux , might never return back to these trAshy windows
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    Ah, the time when I still used this abomination that some people call “OS”. In Russia we have some cracks with simple ui, there’s just one column of checkboxes like “make it never autoupdate again”, “activate it”, “disable all spyware”, “spike billy’s coffee with thorazine” etc, but the ui is in Russian. You check all that you want to happen and press ok, works flawlessly
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    Was there some issue after you find out it auto updated ?
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    @dontbeevil unsaved work 🙂💔.
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