Things are getting better. Little by little with no stop.

Among other things we have a list of posts based on a tag.

Am pretty happy about the style is getting.
Any suggestion is welcomed.

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    I think there are contrast problems, but without a project link, that's hard to tell.

    Apart from that, I'm sure that there's a whole truckload of HTML misusage underneath because it would be the first site presented here without these problems.

    Plus I somewhat suspect there's CSS shit like Bootstrap, Bulma or Tailwind involved, simply because that abomination is also widespread.
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    Hi @Fast-Nop ,

    I will check the contrast issue you tell me.

    About the HTML, maybe. Am making some refactoring and dive-for-clean time to time.

    Regarding the bootstrap or other CSS framework, am not using anyone. The only thing am using is Stylus but it's just a CSS processor.

    Many thanks for your words ^^
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    @kristofersoler You can check the contrast using https://wave.webaim.org/ - which also hints at botched up heading levels, missing page landmarks and missing alt texts. Validating the HTML with https://validator.w3.org/ should be easy enough.
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    @Fast-Nop nice!

    Never heard off Wave. :D <3
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    @kristofersoler If you get hardcore, you could also install NVDA (for free), see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/... , just because it's a very interesting experience how a fully blind person will perceive one's website.

    For me, that was an enlighting moment where I really understood the difference between semantic HTML and random misuse of tags.
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    Needs more anime tiddies
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    Try casper
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