AWS or Digital Ocean?
What will be the best choice in case of costing as well as managing by single developer? 😅
I'm having difficulty to choose one for a long-lasting project of mine. Kindly, your suggestion with explanation will be helpful to me.
Technology: Spring Framework
Thank you.

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    I would go for Digital Ocean for application servers, database / database cluster, vpc. They are easier to set up and spin up / spin down. And it's all just a lot simpler but they offer less services.

    Go AWS for cloud storage, serverless workers, sqs, sns, and other extra type features. The breadth of offerings at AWS is its strength
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    You need to share some details about what you want out of the provider. I am not very familiar with Digital Ocean, but my guess is that they are in a different league to AWS, Azure and the like when it comes to what services they offer. Are you just after basic hosting?
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    AWS if you need any scale. DO may cost 50% less, but you hit the limit of its technical capabilities pretty quickly. Even autoscaling is a chore, and without it, you'll see that cost savings evaporate rather quickly.
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    We dont know the complexity of the project, if its a simple one, heroku is mostly free.
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    Spring Framework is kinda irrelevant here.

    Are you autoscaling? Just spinning up a server and leaving it be? Using containers exclusively? Looking to massively horizontally scale? Can't horizontally scale, so just need a powerful machine? Does it have a storage layer? If so, what? Is reliability or cost a primary concern? Etc.
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    @justamuslimguy I agree. I hired a dev to create cicd to build, test, deploy, and host on aws. It was a mess.

    I switched to Bitbucket for CICD and Digital ocean to host. A lot simpler and cheaper when getting started.
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    Sorry, I didn't think I will get these much replies. 😅

    - It's monolithic app. But, my goal is to migrate it to micro-service later as part of my learning...
    - It will be a up & running real world project - can be called startup.
    - My goal is to learn & implement things.
    - So, I've planned to use AWS, deployed on EC2 already to learn AWS. Using Postgres of Heroku. 😅

    My question, If I continue like this - as an indie developer, single person - will that be cost-effective, time-worthy in the long run..

    or, Digital Ocean will give me less headache or so..

    as well as improving my skills.

    Sorry, If I failed to explain. I'm not that good at talking. 😅
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