I have to write my thesis but no sentences are coming out of my head, only a mesh of incoherent word.

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    Sounds perfect for a thesis!
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    Write those works in a paper, one per line.
    Try to understand how they relate.
    Create a frase for each word that can continue on the next word.
    It will all make sense or not :p
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    Been there, done that, pretty much don't remember anything from the last two weeks before the deadline.
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    Make some research and find other thesis about your topic. They will give you good insights. Or just put some lorem ipsum. No one will notice.

    Also this:
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    @GyroGearloose paper? What is that? Something used by the ancient Egyptians?
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    Bad old days, to be sure.
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    @SortOfTested Back in my day we had to make our own papyrus for school!
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    @GyroGearloose This.

    The only way I can get shit done.

    Whatever task I have, I keep delaying it because the whole idea is so overwhelming.

    Then I put everything down and start giving it a structure.

    Then it slowly takes a form and then aligns to end result before I polish it.
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    @F1973 I have a structure in mind, already since 2 months ago
    I just suck at actually writing it down, I tend to overthink a sentence multiple times until I leave it, and the day after I'll still change a thing or two in the paragraph

    Maybe I'm a perfectionist, but that depends if I'll actually get a good score
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    Perfectionism maps to low self worth. Focus on the root cause to fix this issue for longer term.

    I have been there I know how stressful it can be to constantly thrive and make things perfect. Drains out energy.

    And start putting things out. Go the lean approach. Don't worry about being right or wrong at this stage. Polish when done.

    For me, things have changed significantly in implementation as compared to the structure I had in my mind.
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    Wrote my thesis recently.
    Had the same problem at the beginning.
    Just write down what you know, the easier parts. Words, bullet points, etc., doesn't matter. Try to figure out some structure.
    Begin to form some sentences but don't spend much time perfecting them. The rest kinda follows on its own.
    As a great professor of mine (who is a maintainer of TikZ) perfectly describes:
    Imagine you were one step away from beginning your whole thesis, what needs to be written so that your past self knows everything?
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    Just like @root just type/write anything and everything that comes into mind. This will get you brain warmed up
    Don't think about grammar. Don't care about coherence. You can do that later once your screen is full. And remove any distractions. Turn off the phone and tv. Just focus on your thesis. Maybe do it early in the morning after sleeping to you are well rested. A mesh of incoherent words now can be edited later on. So it's not totally hopeless. Just start.
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    @iamai ... that was just a wall of my keyboard app’s suggestions. 🤦🏻‍♀️

    “Incoherent word mesh.”
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    @Root 😮😳😬😅🙃
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