Coding chalenge.
So... Spent almost two hours to put this little device to work with the keypad.
The device is a arduino micro, special one that can work as mouse /keyboard or any kind of input on most devices (pc, Android phone,...)
The objective is to make a macro keypad to:
- Fast insert text
- Play sounds in games over voice chat.

Think of it like this, you start a new html file, press one key and all the base code is inserted.

So... Why so long? Tought was the hardware, tought the keypad could be set differently that most, code mistakes...

My error was all here, masked from the debugger by a if:

char keys[ROWS][COLS] = {

Easy to figure right? Only saw it after reading all the code twice.

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    nice. I loved arduino projects until reality hit me like a wave, I had a very tiny wallet lol
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    the two black buttons on the breadboard are for what? reset and power?
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    @ilechuks73 old remnants of version 0.1
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    Cool stuff. I thought about something like this in the past, but I'm a stickler for latency, and the Arduino PS/2 story seems to be either usb-> PS/2 (high latency) or write your own pwm.
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    Well we need a special arduino that can emulate a imput devide. Pro micro can.
    but fuckkk me if i can get it to work
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    After two hours looking why the arduino was connecting and disconnecting i found it. Protobord is fucked lol
    Now it works
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    Or not :p maybe the cables? Or it's fked... Oh well
    Time to order 4 more :p
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    Yeah something like '10' isn't going to make it as char. :-)

    What do you use for debouncing?
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    Was the cables :p
    Now must go back home for the rest...
    Print a box for it, connect to the software... And hope it works :p
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