During uni times, I was working part-time in a private security firm. A co-worker, I hadn't known yet, was assigned to a 12 hour night shift with me guarding some secret weapon, which was quite boring.
So we talked about life and other things and found out that we both had great interests in building and using PCs. This has lead to a great friendship and dozens of PC we've built, modded and overclocked together.

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    Did you guard Q’s lab?
    The collection at Nowhere?
    Warehouse 13?
    Warehouse 12?
    Floor 13 of The Guide’s headquarters?
    Do you serve Anubis?
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    In addition to @Root's great questions, what would you recommend for a small (4 bays) "DIY" NAS (Xpenology)?
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    @Root It had to do with lasers. But that's not even remotely as secret as an other job I had. 😄

    @Jilano I'm not familiar with Xpenology. Is it related to Scientology? 😄
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    @PonySlaystation Might be, yes, except it works, haha

    It's nothing more than the Synology DSM but made to work on almost any hardware (VM too).
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