I will be pitching my startup idea for the first time in my life to potential investors one on one after qualifying for a second round in a business competition.
I am nervous 😬, desperately need to get the fund, and haven't been a good presenter.
Background: the business is still on prototype stage.
I stutter by default if I am slightly nervous.
From feedback my prototype is great- but my pitching might not be too great.
Damn I just have less than 6 hours to pitch.
Fuck this nervous mess.
Dev wish me good luck😶

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    Good luck!
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    Good luck!
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    Good luck! Keep us posted :)
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    Good Luck!
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    Just hope that they are good at investing and know the area.

    If so, they should be able to look beyond stuttering or weak presentation and focus on the tech.

    If possible, inform on the feedback as its a factor in determining viability.

    And also, often investors can help out with things like marketing so even if that is not your strong side it might not be an issue to them.

    In the end they are not there to shoot you down. They are looking for money, and if your idea is good they hopefully will see that anyway :)

    And Good luck :D
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    Smart money can look past a nervous presentation. You better hope that your investers and stupid!
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    Good luck, mate
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    Gouda luck.
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    How was it?
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    Let us know how it went!
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    good luck buddy!! you will rock it!!
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    @Meetife how did it go?
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    @inus-torvald @FelisPhasma @electrineer
    @Voxera @alexbrooklyn
    Thanks, everyone for your good wishes, the Pitching went well.
    Due to COVID, my team presented online, and for the nervousness - overloading on monster energy, and over-practising between those few hours did the trick for me (and probably your good wishes).
    I was even surprised at the level of my confidence.
    Investors are very much interested in the prototype and I am expecting positive feedback.
    Thanks, amazing Devs! for your moral support.
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    @Meetife i also would just tell this guys: hey Ehm, I’m very nervous as you can tell, and not the best presenter. But it’s about this product, being in beta stage. Here is what is looks like now, I want to add feature X in the next 4 months. You can benefit from that in A and B. So tell me what you are most interested in and we can make this more interactively. If you don’t have questions I’ll give you a short tour!

    Being honest is fair and they know that what you say is valid, they can build on it. Me, as an investor, would like that more that some hanky-wanky-best-presenting-seller-dude, selling me heaven on earth, and I have No idea whether that’s legit, whether I can trust, use or whatnot!

    -my two cents
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