Alright lads. Contest time.

How many times have you been asked to
1) Hack someone's Facebook account
2) Fix a laptop or wifi'

My record is like 10

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    I lost the count lol.
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    “Can you fix my printer?”
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    Never been asked that Facebook thing, but to be honest, I don't know anyone who uses it.
    I did help a few with little computers issues, but never wasted my time in it. It's either a matter of minutes or I'm out of there.
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    1) 0
    2) countless.
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    Surprised how low the Facebook hacking thing is.

    I'm wondering if I'm the one who's disproportionately surrounded by thirsty lads trying to get revenge on Facebook exes as compared to the rest of the population
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    @hashedram People usually ask to hack someone's Instagram or to unlock some locked iPhone.
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    If only those people could be prosecuted for 'attempting' to 'hack' something
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    Fix laptop many times, but since I actually did work fixing laptops for av few years I have been able to do it ;)

    Never been asked to hack or do anything else thats illegal.
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    I choose who I surround myself with wisely. To optimize lifespan, virtue, and decrease downtime. e.g., unnecessary stresses and stupidity of particular curiosities such as this one. But to answer your survey, I have never been asked this stupid question. And if I ever do - I know I need to do something about it.

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    More than 100
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    1) 3
    2) too many times

    The three times I was seriously asked to hack a Facebook account was by friends of an ex.

    Three separate times, I was introduced to a person and the minute they found out I do kinky stuff on the computer they immediately ask if I could hack the Facebook account of their boy/girlfriend.

    Birds of the same feather and such.
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    more than 10 times even from the people who were studying same thing as me at college. morons.
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    1. About 17 times I think.
    2. I lost count but IIRC it would have been around 46 times (probably way more tho).
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    Hacking none.
    Fix stuff a dozen² times at least
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    My grandpa thinks I can setup his new phone plan with Mediacom. 1 call a week for the past month.
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    Lost the count in fraustration XD
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    I get asked this every weekend or holiday when I see my family after coming back from uni
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    Seems like I've spent my whole childhood fixing neighbour's computer for free ಠ_ಠ
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