Wasn’t hired once because “we are startup and we don’t like your favorite meme that much”. Yes, this is what happened.

Their company was gone in two months.

They said my favorite meme wasn’t so nice
Their bodies are now food for the mice

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    And what's your favourite meme then?
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    Seriously? :O I thought, it was a joke :/
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    @dmonkey S T O N K S
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    @uyouthe well they didn’t had the taste for it then
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    @010001111 well at least the mice found them tasty
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    Wtf? Why would they even know or care what that is?!
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    @dmonkey 2 bugs, 1 dev.
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    @AlmondSauce it might be an excuse if the real reason was controversial or illegal
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    @electrineer as if the said reason wasn’t controversial
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    the only startup i ever applied into, i got hired while on the way to their office.

    you see, i got the place's address from their website, arrived there, and there was nothing. so I called the guys, and they were like "oh, the address on website is just for mail, sorry, we should have realized and told you, give us 20 minutes, we're on our way to pick you up".

    and while we were driving to their actual offices, we just had a freeform friendly chat. when we arrived at the offices and sat down, they were like "so, we've basically already decided to hire you, but let's actually do at least part of this as an actual formal job interview, ok?"

    coolest people I ever met. best boss. most interesting projects.

    to this day i'm sad and angry that I let my deppression to fuck it up.
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