Software engineering isn't a great side-career if your aspiration is to do other things.

It takes way too much of your time to let you do anything else.

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    Grass is green and water is wet.
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    Trueeeeeeeee 😔 I had all these dreams and now I don't remember the last time I did any of my other creative hobbies
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    I'm not sure I know many people who try to do it as a side career - only a main career with others on the side. The time investment needed to stay relevant is simply too much to justify unless it's your main career IMHO.
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    Most professions aren't suitable as a side career, you don't see many part time surgeons for example
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    True. There are people who float somewhere in the company, do not progress, just do bare minimum, so you can get away with not learning after work hours. I hate that mediocre people
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