i share your rant bro. (well, not actually because i don't use apple :D)

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    As much as I dislike Apple, I must disagree with the "No free software" and "No installing apps from the web" parts - these are slightly exaggerated.
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    Security is a myth.
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    But it's for our own good :)
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    @flamesdivide I think you're lacking double quotes on "for our own good" :p

    The general public, probably.
    but the devrant community, probably not ;)
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    @T-Hammer is this real :S
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    @flamesdivide How is that for our own good if I may ask?
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    @kamen You understand that they probably mean free as in open source/freedom and not price? :).
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    @linuxxx yeah, free as in freedom [orchestral music enters, a sun with richard stallman's face on it slowly rises behind the mountains]
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    Sounds like hogwash. Why shouldn't it be possible to install free (as in both free beer and free rant from Stallman) software on a mac? Devs do that all the time.
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    There is always a way around..
    Wonder how many run Linux or BSD on their Mac
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    I forgot the quotes @linuxxx
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    Apple is taking steps to limit non-App Store apps, such as removing the 'Allow from Everywhere" option in System Preferences by default in macOS Sierra. So, yes, they are limiting free and open source software.
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    @linuxxx Yeah, now that I look at it again, that's GNU's icon. Haven't tried Sierra, but from what I read, it can be reverted to allow installs from anywhere and many freeware apps are available outside of the App Store.
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    @lotd I'd say roughly 100% of Mac users run a variant of BSD.
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