Ya know I thought I could live with my school's Nazi regime of internet censorship but now I am pissed as I have found they block devrants swag Site swag.devrant.com now I will never get devrant laptop stickers 😭 I think it is time to revolt

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    I will get the pitchfork.
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    Are you in highschool or what
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    @Stuxnet Some universities / engineering schools have absurdly strict domain blacklisting. Usually very counter-productive too. My current company's network blocks imgur, hiding any screenshot on stack overflow in the process...
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    @Stuxnet highschool
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    @butwhytho where I go, they use some "schulfilter"(school-filter)+ thingus.

    Applies to all devices in the network, no matter if private or school property.
    It blocks...
    YouTube and like sites, any webstore, anything that isn't strictly education related and deemed useful.

    Fucking asshats
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