So I may be getting a great job offer by the end of this week. The best thing is that it's a remote company since start and they have proper documentation and processes.

The current company has no idea that I am planning to leave. And they are planning some things around me for this month.

Should I hint that I have a job offer hovering around. I don't see anything bad about mentioning that.

1) Even if I don't get the new job, current company might offer to increase salary and accept my demands.

2) I will be able to get out of current job as soon as possible when I get the new job. I don't intend to complete next September at current company.

Any thoughts? Is it wise to mention about leaving before I have confirmation of new job?

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    I got a job offer in April.

    We all waited due to pandemic as it was in another continent.

    Just when everything resumed, they dropped a bomb that things are taking time so they will have someone internal in my place and said once things are normal I can join but it can take sometime.

    Now I am left hanging with no clarity and also they allowed others to join remotely and said many are stuck like me due to paperwork (since they mass hired).

    Thankfully I didn't notify my current employer directly (though my team had a hint). If I would have done and there were lay offs, I would have been kicked out.

    Don't notify until you have the offer or ready to quit and join them.
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    @F1973 Okay, the advantage for me at current job is that I am kind of non-repaceable ( customer facing )

    It's a growing company with just 24 employees. And I'm kind of the expert in my team which currently has only 2 other people.

    One of that guy is a recent hire that I trained. And he is intended to work for other timezone.

    So, there is no way they will layoff me unless they might find my hint offensive.
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    @HoloDreamer Your wish.

    The world functioned before you arrived and will even function after you are long gone.

    So that 'I am not replaceable' doesn't quite sell well.
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    @F1973 hmmm. I have been in a fix since August. I have been working two jobs basically and I am really tired.
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    @HoloDreamer Is that a strong enough to take unwanted risks?
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    its a "high risk, crappy reward, guaranteed drawbacks" kind of play
    basically, you should never do it
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    @F1973 it feels like an unnecessary and probably an arrogant risk. i guess it's best to be patient for one more week.
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    It's all about you.
    Personally I wouldn't take a risk about informing till I have a confirmation.

    Beyond this, I have been in such situations and it's always the tradeoff you need to think, and also always remember that it's the people you should care about not the company. So any manager/junior who's going to get affected by this should be informally informed.

    Apart from that, you are an asset, and you are replaceable is a valid argument.

    But will you be able to live with it is the question. If you are in early stages of your career then it should be fine to step on companies in such a way. But eventually you should start looking at the longer game, build contacts, show stability and win the game.

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    Also you say you are at a position where you are too much relied upon. This is a bad position to be in. It's against all your growth. Seems like a comfort zone to me!
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    Update: I got the job and I'll be living the company after helping with onboarding and training of new recruits.
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    @HoloDreamer Congratulations! And all the best
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