I have many things, bust most notorious ones:

- a bottle with one of my wife's tooth
- a cactus
- a matryoshka
- a figurine with detachable bottom(from an eroge)

(cable mess can be an ornament too!)

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    The detachable part. Paint is wearing offπŸ˜†
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    @F1973 oh, just a silly reminder to not fuck with him
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    @F1973 Her tooth was removed 'cuz a badly cavity, she broght it home as a memento, and when I saw it I immediately wanted in my desk
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    How many wives do you have?
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    @F1973 I liked tooths since my childhood, whenever I lost one I stored it instead of throwing them away(or trying the tooth fairy gamble). I think they look dope when I can see them completely, not in a mouth 😊
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    @electrineer oh my, sorry about that, I have a way to go with my english πŸ˜… . But a harem doesn't sound bad tbh
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    @rutee07, @jesustricks joke was a good one πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ very good one
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    @rutee07 back for more eh?
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    @rutee07 Is it because of Paige's dildo?
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    I read the list and think it's like ingredients for a spell.
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    “Tooth of wife” damnn.... developers are weird !!
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