If you know what i mean

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    num is still a newbie variable name.
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    I'm missing the switch-case here. For if a gender gets added later on. Like "hermaphrodite", or "transgender", or "unknown".

    Yes, "unknown" is a valid entry for unborn babies who's gender has not yet been determined.
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    When I call "getSex()" I expect a return value of "true"
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    I'd prefer sometime that, separating code and data, and association between value and string.
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    (also, ternary operator has its uses, but only because it looks more ""cool"" doesn't make it necessarily better)
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    Why are the comments in wrong order?
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    @SweetHuman I was wondering why no one responded to that.
    Seems like OP confused 3 and 6.
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    (ow, my array sex_str needs the explicit size NB_SEX, it would be safer)
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    function getSex() { return "yes please"; }
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    @lado one months later they learn better English too
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    Op was just making a joke you all went full balistic on code review!

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    @fredrf what do you expect, when the joke is "look, I'm not a newbie anymore, now I know how to do it", and posted in such a forum?
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    @Robbatron It depends on where you are pulling your input data from. You could have a gendertypeid field in the database that just maps to a string, like so, in you application to be displayed on the page.

    Personally I would just use enums at that point and be done
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    @Gauthier I see both views 😁

    But I find it funny that a guy throws a joke and guys don't laugh or say it's a bad joke.

    What people do is analyze.

    I'm just point this out and find it funny 😁😁
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    one year later
    return num?"male":"female"
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    @Robbatron Using an enum is better, but using a string is just throwing type safety out the window and asking for someone to mis-spell it.
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    The parameter "num" clearly refers to the number of times the caller tries to get sex. What does the return values actually mean? An URL to a pron site for all num>0 seems more appropriate...
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    @johmsalas That would require the language to support truthy statements.
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    did anyone notice that the line count is wrong ?
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    @Robbatron 😄 it has a couple of mistakes, I wrote it in bed on my phone 2 minutes after waking up :) Here's a fix.
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    This rant is becoming legendary...
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    @Robbatron nice. Illuminati confirmed ☠
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