Wish Adobe would take a similar approach like Microsoft and release their Applications for Linux.. so I could use Photoshop and Lightroom there and ditch OS X completely...

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    @Letmecode And wine is no real option :( Well, alcohol always is tho :D
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    Is Word and Excel coming to Linux??
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    2% market share makes it hard to motivate a port. To reach half of those 2%, they'd also have to support a multitude of distros. Apparently they've looked into this, since distro incompatibilities was the main reason quoted in a thread on an Adobe forum I saw years ago.

    Also, a significant number of these 2% either won't use closed software (let alone pay for it) for ideological/religious reasons.
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    Microsoft is going to Linux? Which software would that be?
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    @Letmecode Apparently, Adobe seems to think that the market share of the OSes they target have something to do with how much money they can earn by porting Photoshop to that OS.

    The question about what Adobe and Linux have to do with a thread about Adobe and Linux is a bit too surreal to answer.
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    Not being a subscriber, I am not permitted to see that report, making it tough to comment upon. But if it's total market share, I'd think that looking at the market share of devs and designers, rather than total, would be more relevant. My mom will never open Photoshop.
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    @enchance they "ported" MS SqlServer to Linux lately .
    Ported : added a NT kernel compatibility lib, server's binaries are still Windows.
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    @rahulakrishna Been running that successfully through wine for ages now :)
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