Learning how to make browser plugins by shamelessly ripping off my favourite dumb Reddit Enhancement Suite feature. DevRant Nicknames, coming Soon™️.

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    I, for once, thought this was @JoshBent.
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    @root Enjoy the nickname 😆
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    I'm deeply hurt and saddened that you would call me a "lewd lad". I have said nothing impure in my life. I give sermons in our local church and only take a peek at the occasional hentai during mass.

    "Yamete!", the demon screamed as I sprinkle my holy water all over him. "Oooh!", the church-goers ejaculated.
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    Who's that guy who started the 400+ comment long thread about how JavaScript is the best language ever, and if you disagree you're a cretin who will realise your inadequacies and come grovelling back on your deathbed?

    Yeah, he needs one.
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    @AlmondSauce Also, the guy who claimed that backdoor-less security is bad.
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    @Lor-inc Oohh, also the guy who leaked a whole bunch of details on a public GitHub repo.
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    @AlmondSauce I must've missed that one.
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    Update: Spent most of the day on this because sometimes I just get addicted to writing code. Pretty much done, got addon storage and nickname saving/loading working, now just to figure out what the actual shit just happened with the UI and I'll be golden.

    @AlmondSauce if you say so
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