What do you guys spend your after work hours on? 😐

I personally usually like to use at least three hours just to cool off and freshen up in which I mostly watch a few episodes of tv shows i enjoy while also squeezing a meal in there 😅. I then try to watch a tutorial or two but mostly i sleep through those. 😂

What's your routine? Do share...

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    This: https://devrant.com/rants/2948571/...

    ... apparently. No, usually I go cycling, running and/or to the gym, study and watch pro cycling.
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    A couple of hours to chill with my fam, and when my little one is put to bed - working on my project. If my mood is shitty/sleepy -- netflix at midnight
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    @netikras how many unfinished side projects do you have?😅
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    Cocain and Hookers
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    - truly personal, a big one, my main side-project
    - a common library, mostly used in the main project; I could split it into at least 5 different projects:
    ---- ModelMapper (mapping different objects' fields with fields of other objects')
    ---- @RestTemplate - a REST templating engine, generating Spring controllers'/consumers' code based on your template
    ---- casual utilities
    ---- Connection (an abstraction layer for any type of connections -- for testability)
    ---- Mocking utility
    ---- HTTPClient / RestClient (kind of poor implementation.. but it works)
    - a non-profit I'm getting bored of [but they keep asking to do that or this...]
    - an internal utility for a healthcare institution
    - a couple of bash utilities (like a webserver, bthread (multithreaded bash scripting), etc.)
    - a python-based network packets' spoofing utility for pen-testing

    Not listing no longer maintained projects

    soo... I guess that's a handful to keep me busy :)
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    @netikras you are keeping busy. Often wish I had the time and energy to, as well.
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    @100110111 there's only this much one can do between 22:00 and 09:00, when one still has to sleep and rest for the work the next day...

    But TBH I'm also surprised I'm still running in this loop! I've never expected to have this much on my hands for this long...

    How the hell didn't I burn out yet... How the hell hasn't my wife kicked me off yet... Although for the latter - I guess she's made her peace with the fact that I'm enthusiastic SWE -- better that than a drunk :)
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    @netikras it's hard to burn out on something you love doing, so that's hardly a surprise. But if I did what you do, my wife would probably nag at me to the point where I would leave - unless she left first 🙄
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    Got a bunch of reptiles so I spend several hours taking care of them, then usually read a bit.
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    Read something, work on portfolio, play video games, or watch some gaming streams.
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    Mostly programming, linuxing and spend loads of time researching my music scene.

    (I work as a cybersecurity engineer, not as a programmer/sysadmin)
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    @netikras Quite the list you've got there, hope you come through on all of them.
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