Really not in the mood for work.

But since that is not an acceptable reason to ask for a day off, I wonder what excuses I can make to get out of working today... 🤔

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    I think it is a valid reason.

    There are days you just need to recharge.

    We're not robots, not yet.
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    Cramps, days of month if female, stomach issues, dehydration, migraine
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    @Lyym yeah but then what excuse should I make when that time of the month rolls around? I mean, I can't be having periods every two weeks.

    Fun element tho, migraine is kicking in... 😑
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    Just say “NFW, taking a day off”
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    @NoMad light sensitivity because of the migraine is more than a valid excuse. They can't force you to started at the computer to work and have your head almost explode from pain
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    @Lyym yes and no. They can't force me, but the work does pile up and I'd hate that. Plus, my work is pretty open ended and if I fuck up, it ends up hurting me more than anyone else. (including that I'll need the recommendation letter for the PhD application)
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    @NoMad then try working with scheduled breaks, even if you work 30 mins and then take a 10 min break to just look around or walk.

    True, it will take more time to complete, but it won't feel as tedious :)

    So that when the time of the month comes around, if you feel real shitty, you can take those days to rest
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    @Lyym lol. I never work 30 mins and take a break. I either sit down for 2-3 hours and get a lot done, or I don't work. Paperwork is technically not work for me. My brain capacity is about 3 hours most days, best case scenario I'll work 12-18 hours and then take a week or so off. Lol.
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    @NoMad whichever works for you :)
    It's just a model to break the tediousness of repetitive things.

    And yes, fuck paperwork >.>
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    @NoMad take a personal day.

    If they ask, tell them it's personal.

    Not my joke and I forget who. Attribution to the yet-to-be-named comedian.
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    Ladies and gentlemen, shit got worse. Now I'll have to pull a new neural net out of my arse by the day after tomorrow. Welp, I'm fucked. Either brain starts working tomorrow, or I'll have to let the nice boss-man down. I hate letting him down. (I think he thinks of me as someone smart. He doesn't know the truth yet. 😛 I've successfully fooled him thus far.)

    ... I'm being dramatic, I know. I'm gonna go eat comfort food. 😢
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