Getting ready to start working a little something something on the side. Client (read as uncle-in-law) wants it in Wordpress because he
1) has heard of it
2) can buy themes. I told him I can make it look any way he wants and use something else, something that I'm actually familiar with. He wants Wordpress. At least it looks like writing my own plugins to do stuff will be really easy.

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    Ooo that's not a very good idea. Working with/for friends/relatives is never a good idea (at least that's what I'm told).

    Good luck though :)

    (Also, from what I gathered on DevRant, WordPress is a shitshow)
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    Have worked with wordpress and wordpress themes a little bit. Yeah the themes and plugins are exhausting at first, but if you understand them correctly, they make implementing even the complex features very easy and fast.

    Its just that one would need to close their technical mind completely and try to look at it from the vision of a non dev person to understand it
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    It's a very different world from what I'm used to. I've got it downloaded and running locally. Haven't worked with Wordpress before this, don't wanna work with it now
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    Stay the fuck away from Themeforest and TemplateMonster.

    Unless you want the site hacked within a week, that is :)
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    Working for relatives:
    bad idea.

    Using Wordpress:
    bad idea.

    Taking direction from someone who has zero knowledge and experience in the field:
    bad idea.

    You are in this field. He is not. I doubt he would strongarm an aircraft mechanic, surgeon, veterinarian, attorney, lawyer, judge, CPA, chef, musician, brewer, engineer, etc. so why let him do that to you? Because you’re related? You’re supposed to treat family better, not worse.

    Avoid toxicity.
    If you must build it, build it correctly. If not: firmly explain yourself, and walk away.
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    This will end in pain and misery - and that was just at the Wordpress part, you added a relative to the mix and may as well have throw a lighter on a pile of wood and fuel 🔥 ⛽️

    If you must.... and I do mean must, like a gun held to your head kind of must use Wordpress, then so be it, but do inspect the themes before widely hitting install as a lot have a dependency chain of shitty plugins that will corrupt... err inject random chunks into the templates.

    Themes start of as broken and spiral downhill with more customisations.

    Source: Ex Wordpress dev! - don't do that to yourself.
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