I spent about an hour writing my own password generator at work... (And probably my item password safe) because my company doesn't allow using Keepass...

But require super complex passwords... That need to be exactly 8 characters...

And they expect us to somehow think of and remember them... And change it every 6 months....

As a developer, isn't it a given that if we can't have something, we'll just build one ourselves... But one that is lower quality since it is adhoc and with by a single dev... That doesn't have time or the experience of a domain expert...

They also blocked GitHub/Sourceforge so I can't just download from my own repo... And basically need to do it on company time... For better or worse.

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    Wait... You're a dev for that company, right? So they do dev stuff... Why the hell would they block github?

    And not allowing a pw manager... Jeez
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    @Cyberman maybe because most devs here are sorta corporate monkeys... They don't know how write their own programs....

    They prefer to just add on new code to existing projects...
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    @Cyberman it's a non-tech company with a large IT department.
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    @donuts are you in India? (Or any third world company)?
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    @sudo-compile US...
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    Wait, your company doesn't "allow" open-source software?! You sure you're not hired by a cult or somethin'? I mean since when do you need someone's "permission" to use open-source?... wtf!
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    @hamido-san we have security requirements so everything is not allowed by default until it is...
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