Why are some numbers red?

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    (No one tell him, it must be kept secret)

    It's because of the blood moon, OP
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    Users turn red when they are surrounding someone who is having their period. Don't tag iamai, she's gonna kill me.
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    Oh shit, it happened to me. @Jilano, what are you hiding? We're the only ones here.
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    @rutee07 Oh nuh! It's spreading! Quick grab the "thing" and let's rendezvous at @C0D4

    Ring @NoMad if you feel like it, else we can just turn off our phone
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    stop rummaging in my garbage @rutee07
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    Wtf @Jilano, you had 1 job... 1 job!
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    *sound of garbage cans*
    *runs away*
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    @AkshayTolwani *ignores*

    @iamai But... He has to eat something...

    @C0D4 Yeah but I was tired! Besides the bot you made to alert us didn't do shit! Not even a notification, nothing... I mean at this point, it's more your fault than mine
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    @Jilano 👀 what are you in about, the intern got back to work in the morning - I found the bastard sleeping with his hand next to the enter key, he also had 1 job and failed 😅
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    @rutee07 if you wanted blood I'd happily donate you know. You don't need to be satisfied making "tea"
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    @iamai Thank you. Those monthly tea bags really aren't enough, even with some honey.
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    @C0D4 Pfff... That'll teach you to give a job to those scums, you know... Students. Anyway, right now is not the time to fight. We'll never survive like this!

    @rutee07 1927, eh? Back when Coddy was a young man
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    Serious answer: devRant has a lot of bugs.
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