I am glad that firefox for android got an overhaul. I've been waiting a long time for more granular settings, before you couldn't even list websites you gave a particular pernission, and FINALLY passwords can't be viewed before authenticating with your fingerprint.

But after over two years I'm just so used to the old design, that it's glaringly obvious how less fluent the new ui is.
Instead of two clicks to access stored passwords you now need 4. And the button to open the tab list is now half my screen away from the actual tabs, and basically the entire screen away from "new tab".

The starting page isn't as good as before, although I hear they're working on it. But what is this shit, it took me like a week to even find the url bar context nenu!

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    It's the first Android browser I know that finally has the URL bar at the bottom. Which makes it the first usable Android web browser for me.

    Took them long enough to finally copy one of Blackberry's ideas.

    Now Google just has to copy Windows Phone's virtual keyboard and text selection and I can finally stop hating this piece of smart shit.
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    Agreed. I like the new Firefox on Android. It's finally usable instead of somewhat usable it was before.
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    @deadlyRants UC browser had it long time ago, I believe. Or was it some vendor browser like Xiaomi...
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    @iiii I trust a chinese browser even less than Chrome
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    Hahaha yes, but my experience was a bit different. I updated it, saw the prompt saying you can have it at the bottom, thought 'nice' and turned it on. So far, so good.
    But then I tapped the URL bar, and voila, it was at the top again. Sort of threw me off, disabled it again. I think I'll give it another try though, since the new tab menu makes a lot more sense then. And would you look at that, the long-press menu for it is now in the right place too!
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    @deadlyRants I recall chrome having the url bar at the bottom some years ago. Might just have been a beta feature
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    BTW, on my phone context menu appears where bar right now is. I cannot reproduce your issue 🤔
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    @iiii Probably one of these three:
    1) Huawei fucked things up
    2) It can't handle disabled animations
    3) It hasn't been tested at my screen resolution/aspect ratio
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    Wait, there's actually people finding that having the URL bar at the bottom is good? Mind explain me how? I'm curious really
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    @CodeTalker Having the URL bar at the bottom makes it easily reachable with one hand no matter how large the phone is. I don't want to do fucking hand gymnastics, I just want to enter a URL. Same applies to tab switching etc.

    Otherwise there's no disadvantage, so why would you have the bar at the top?

    The whole UI in Android is hot garbage because so much of it is focused on the top which is the hardest part to reach on a phone or tablet. But their UI designers are apparently too smart for UX 101.
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    @deadlyRants Yup! Lots of design decisions were imported from desktop to mobile even though they don't make sense at all.
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    I hate the way the search providers work now. I often go between DDG and Google and now it's like 4 clicks to search with one search provider or another. Before it used to just list the search providers and you could click on anyone of them and it would just do the search. Now it needs like 2 extra clicks for no reason...
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    @justamuslimguy Settings > Search > Display Search Engines
    Just enable that and they're displayed before you start typing
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    @Conrad ah neat! Thanks for the tip!
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    @deadlyRants psss, just use a smaller phone 😐
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    @deadlyRants Oh okay, makes sense
    I'm personally more comfortable with it at the top because I'm more used to it, it's not in my vision since the area I focus less is the top, plus I screeched a lot when I was testing Fenix and accidentally tapped the physical buttons instead of the URL bar. (Yes, I'm clumsy. Happens sometimes when I'm typing as well)
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    @deadlyRants I don't see how anything from Windows phone would be an improvement. I agree that url bar on bottom is a good idea except if it means more accidental touches of navigation keys.
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    @electrineer Almost everything in the Windows Phone UI would be an improvement to Android imho. It all just made more sense. It had the perfect touchscreen alternative to tooltips, all important stuff worked just as well for left-handed people, and the text selection feature is the only one across all OSs that isn't a total pain in the ass.
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