Fastest way to make visitors leave your website forever:

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    "We don't make that choice. If we did, it wouldn't be happening. Go away and stop talking at us...."

    - Web Dev
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    Sorry, not my problem domain. That is a UX designer concern.

    I remain,
    Web Dev
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    @halfflat I really don't think auto playing video is 'unethical'. Not degrees, not even close.

    Don't like it, don't go to the site.

    I don't like the idea of auto playing video, but I support the idea that if someone wants an annoying stupid site, they should have that option.
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    "here let me annoy you with a 'ping' sound and annoy you by flashing the tab title until you click on the help-bot in the corner!"
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    The problem is that it sometimes actually makes sense to autoplay, so it is not convenient.
    Thinking here of WhatsApp Web (using notification sound on new message) or YouTube (if you get sent a link, the video autoplays). When you click on a YouTube link, you will most likely expect the video to play and not expect to click an additional time.
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    FF prevents that. I just flipped a switch in settings and no autoplay whatsoever even on garbage sites like mirror or the verge
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    @halfflat If I had a choice between basic income or a programmer's salary, I'm putting the goddamn autoplay video in.

    And I don't agree with your definition of ethical. I would be very happy if my electricity provided chose not to bill me. But it's not unethical to charge someone for services you provide. Not under any useful definition anyway.
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    Youtube Doesn't count views on videos set to autoplay, So, If the reason is to increase views, Your plan has failed. I have seen few sites with autoplay, Developers hate them too, but it's not our choice mostly.
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    My job mainly revolves around doing what is possible. I'm expected to be truthful about what is possible, which always overrules what is good. Tell my idiot clients that request such dumb but ultimately possible features.
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