All we do is make websites. Pointless and shiny digital turds.

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    Finish that engineering degree and you can write backend systems with the big kids 😋
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    Yeah backend is pretty cool. I have friends who really enjoy frontend though so it might be subjective?
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    Frontend is fun when you know what you're doing or just enjoying it (so like the backend).
    You get to build stuff ranging static/dynamic websites, web apps (SPA, SSRA, MPA), Hybrid Apps cross-platform Native Apps.

    If you are only building websites and not enjoying that then expand your horizon, be it in products you build or being involved in other parts of the stack (e.g. DevOps, UI/UX design, ...).
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    When I observe the heavy control and sneaky privacy problems backend systems are beginning to have in every aspect of our lives, I wonder if maybe just building harmless websites is a better path.
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    All _you_ do
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    Come to hardware systems/compilers/embedded, we do cool stuff too.
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    I'm a millenial. No matter what I do, even a career path that would double my income would not translate to an improvement that feels worthwhile at the age of 38.

    Why should I feel bad making the most of my limited intelligence? Why am I expected to produce something worthwhile in a society that can't even offer me a decent place to live?

    Pointless shiny turds reflect society perfectly.
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    So I tried svelte.

    And I tried webpack.

    So now that I have typed a bunch of NPM commands for two hours straight I am no closer to understanding how either of these two work. Or what the fuck NPM actually solves.

    Not MY problems that is for sure. It just adds a bunch of problems on top that require even more learning... and for what? A meager increase in pay?

    At this rate I won't be leaving the industry because I can't keep up. I'm leaving because keeping up isn't worth the fucking hassle and I'd rather stock shelves then this futile attempt at staying relevant in an industry I've grown to resent with a passion.

    Fuck webdevelopment, I year for the ignorance of strictly being a user again. Put me back in the Matrix plz.
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    @Inxentas Exactly the problem. Web dev lost its appeal for me when it got overcomplicated with all these build tools and task runners. All these newly-minted bootcamp kids with their amazing skills at NPM and can’t design their way out of a wet paper bag.
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