Do managers and colleagues behave rude when you're serving notice period?

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    Only if they're the type of shithead who thinks they did you a favor and you should be grateful for the job "they gave you."
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    @SortOfTested true, was supposed to get my appraisals this month delayed and taking advantage of my passion and not giving me my worth. Damn frustrated..
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    Only the ones that don't want you there to begin with, now there's no filter or repercussions once your out that door.
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    Depends on personality of an exact manager you’re talking about. SortOfTested were spot on
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    I've never had that problem but I imagine it happens.

    Granted I also worked at places where any notice and they walk you out of the building immediately (it sounds rude but IMO I thought it was a good security choice and everyone knew it was the rule).
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    Tags. No.
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    Mine panicked and arranged an emergency meeting of the management team to renegotiate my contract. 🤷‍♂️

    Just need to get yourself decent managers who appreciate your contributions.
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