I don't at all like when few team mates just put their name on top of the file they are adding to the project.

Gets on my nerves every time.

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    Is there a chance their IDE generates this? If using git, perhaps inform them of git annotations/blame.

    Or perhaps define a coding standard that tells them to yeet it out
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    @alexbrooklyn have pointed out it in many reviews. Don't want to sound rude to them, hence stopped bugging.
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    @randomexception Then it is time for WAR

    From now on, put your name EVERYWHERE, every class, every method, every shit you take on the toilet. Let's see how long it takes for them to back down
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    @alexbrooklyn haha, will make a git commit hook, to modify all files with "{name} was here 🤡"
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    @randomexception regex replace ALL code with your name 😎
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    Author: Jilano

    As it was mentioned briefly by @alexbrooklyn, I highly suggest doing the same as Jilano and writing your name everywhere.

    -- Jilano
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    @Jilano you forgot your (outdated) contact details, job title, credit card information, social security number and medical information in your comment there buddy

    Alex, alex@aol.com, Engineer, 29384839294739 24-05-2021 738, 8284847482920473, sick of bugs
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    @alexbrooklyn My bad, you're right! Need to put ICQ, AIM, MSN, IRC, MySpace and others
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