That 90 min meeting could be an effin email!

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    But... How will I be able to show people how hard I'm working, then?
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    To force people to align/commit and have it documented in a minutes of the meeting (MoM)? Meeting without a MoM, nothing happened.
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    I'm currently in a 6h meeting that is a preparation meeting for two full-day meetings. Please kill me.
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    @analsrunhpastor mine was for a preparation of another meeting as well.
    Topics relevant to me were discussed for only 5 mins, and then it's all gibberish to me.

    Very awkward, and the invite didn't have any agenda as well.
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    @sudo-compile this is internet. We all are adults here.

    It's okay. You can fucking swear.
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    I do my best coding during meetings.
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    @analsrunhpastor Pre-meeting meetings are the best.

    Especially if you need to arrange a pre-pre-meeting with your conspirators in order to get the numbers to set the agenda.
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    @halfflat I second this approach.

    I usually have pre-pre-meetings to conspire against folks in pre-meetings and then we attack in main meeting.

    Then we have post-meetings to analyse what happened in pre-meetings which impacted the main meeting.

    And we have some follow up meetings to actually get work done what we aimed for main meeting but never got it done because we extended our pre-meeting.
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