Linkedin message: Please add me to your contact list cause maybe in the future I will have job for you.

Me: Maybe in the future I will add you.

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    Yea I hate this. The amount of recruiters who want to connect and then never have anything for me....
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    My best so far: I see you're in the POS busines blah blah blah we can connect and maybe I can interest you in this job blahblahblah.. um wut?!
    Had to tripple check wtf on my profile could even remotely indicate that I'm 'in the POS business' and what the actual fuck she even meant by that.. o.O Figured that web page integration with local payment gateway that happened more than a decade ago registered with her that 'I'm in the POS business'.. lolz
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    Recruiter: *ghost's me.
    Me: 🎵 hello darkness my old friend ... 🎵
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