How to give a massive fuck-you to SharePoint:

1. Add a Text Editor web part
2. Click Format Text -> Edit Source
3. Place in a script tag for vue.js or whatever framework you like
4. Develop your website like a normal person.

Boom. Done. Your pain is over.

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    Last time I saw SharePoint it was many years ago and some assholes made us take our wiki down and use SharePoint.

    It was just wonky folders of various documents that visually was brutal to look at, impossible to search, and for some reason only people with no clue had permissions to do anything with it. Like it was the law that you had to be ignorant of the content in order to manage it.

    Like just a shared folder on a drive was better...

    So we just quietly setup a server in the lab that IT couldn't touch with the wiki on it....
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    You could also just build a spa that targets the APIs and deploy it to a static file as the index for whatever site. That's pretty easy to do.

    Though the better option is to just find a job that doesn't have you working with a dead end ECMS that nobody respects.
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    @SortOfTested Wait you could do THAT? Unfortunately it probably won't work for me, it's an internal website for a massive company and I have to use their existing page sidebar and header layouts.
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    Embed content webpart should let you stuff it wherever. Any spa with decent routing will pick up on the embed route to load the correct contextual component, and you'll still be auth'd because it's same domain.

    That'll let you manage it as a single build and package as opposed to tons of scripts in random libraries.
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    @SortOfTested That sounds ingenious. I guess the current un-cached load times of 20s+ might just annoy me enough to take apart their existing site and learn the dark magic behind it, and cry tears of joy when webpack and PurgeCSS takes out 95% of the page size.
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    Really, you just need to bounce to better platforms. SharePoint is a dead end.
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