This is borderline blackmailing: if I choose to have only the "required" cookies, this non-dismissable popup shows up and I have to wait 10 seconds until it closes. That's longer than it takes me to make an online payment!

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    No processing requires 10 seconds, even if it takes, you don't need to wait for it.
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    It has a lot... of apis to call synchronously to tell the thousand company's its now shoving your data into, not to track you.
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    Yeah At this point just hide the pop-up
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    Have you tried removing/hiding the popup?
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    @Berkmann18 Yes,but in this case the banner at the bottom of the page remains
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    is there a cookie storing that preference that you can just directly edit?
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    This isn’t blackmailing... If you don’t like it use a different service 🤷‍♂️
    I know I’m being blunt but this seems pretty straightforward to me.
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    just because they have to act slightly human-friendly doesn't mean they can't make you suffer for taking advantage of the offer
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