Hahaha, the DPC (Data Protection Commission) has asked Facebook in a letter to stop transferring Europeans' data to the US.

Since the Privacy Shield agreement is off the table, it's illegal regardless to send any kind of PII data from the EU to the US.

How about we stop nicely asking and start giving fines in the form of millions every time PII data is transferred from the EU to the US by Facebook?

If the EU could grow some balls, that'd be fucking great.

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    PII = Personally Identifiable Information
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    But Mark said Privacy is their new feature, isn't that enough?

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    @gitpush It's enough to let any self respecting person do this:

    Wait, he is serious?! 😐
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    @linuxxx Yes I recall back when Congress interrogated him, he said he is sorry for what happened and Facebook will be now focusing on privacy, then in their conference he threw a joke about Privacy being a new feature

    I know you don't use Youtube, but I don't know where to find it elsewhere: https://youtube.com/watch/...
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    @gitpush I use YouTube! There's no alternative at their scale yet but I do try and limit tracking and such :)
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    @linuxxx Sad but true :\
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    @gitpush When having a YouTube link. Replace the "youtube" part with "hooktube" ;)

    Also, check out NewPipe!
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    @linuxxx Cool will try out thanks man
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    @linuxxx I've looked into hooktube and in their changelog they say this:

    "YouTube api features are back but mp4 <video> is replaced with the standard YT video embed."

    So I guess this doesn't actually limit tracking, unfortunately :(
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    @nano99 I did not say it limits all tracking, but not loading the entire page with all googled scripts and such already prevents a lot!

    There are some hooktube alternatives as well, I'll look them up.
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    I think the EU has handed out hefty fines in the past.
    Fines are nice and all but I think some sanctions would be nice too, but that may just be me.
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    @LotsOfCaffeine Banning Facebook from the EU would be a great start ;)
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    @Frederick I mostly agree except for the fact that so many people use it that I don't think people can make an educated/good decision on this.
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    Every time they have a tiny amount of bollocks, someone comes in and cut it with his teeth...
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    The EU is definitely capable of fining Facebook, considering how many times they fined Apple and Google in the past.
    And banning Facebook (with no alternative that would work at that scale) won't lead to positive responses from some parts of the population.
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    @linuxxx bitchute, if you can mind the cranks.
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    Fine them outright, hurt them where they can feel it...

    Just make a law for this stuff...

    I mean, they had the guts to pass Article 13, so this shouldn't be a biggie for them right?
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