I’ve come to hate Slack’s notification tone.

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    Change them? Or better mute?
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    does it induce fear?
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    wait, it has a tone? :o
    My lappy and phone are always on mute - I haven't even noticed :D
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    Same. It is basically my alarm.
    I sleep until manager starts pinging. Couple of times I missed the pings. Woke up to managers call, she asked me why that voice are u sleeping or are u sick, I couldn’t think, I said “neither, I’m just speaking softly because baby is sleeping here”. Said this same thing on both times.
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    There are friendless people out there that would love to be in your shoes.
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    Let me simplify it for you to make it more general in regards to 2020:

    “I‘ve come to hate.”
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    @scout good to know, I am not the only one using it as an alarm.
    Somehow unlike other tones, this one always succeeds in waking me up.
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    @Cyanide haha, come to think of it, that's how I have been starting 80% of my statements lately.
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    I believe Pavlov researched it like 100 years ago. He ringed the bell and induced reflexes and responses in dogs. Got a Nobel iirc.

    Nothing has changed but now it’s slack notification sound
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