When i delete a facebook post. Deep down i know...

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    I'm intrigued by how simple and readable that code is. What language/framework?
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    It is called Javascript.Net Lol.

    I actually wrote that from my browser console.

    The function body is C# using entity framework.

    While the call is Vanilla Js...

    So basically...

    function deletePost(post){... <-- Javascript

    private Response deletePost(Post post){... <-- C#

    function Response deletePost(Post post){

    ...Javascript.Net :D

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    @GiddyNaya I really need to look into .NET it looks so clean.
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    A few years ago I saw a fact floating around on the internet that Facebook even keeps a track of all that you type in the status field even if you backspace. Don't know about it's validity but given Facebook's infamy, it's not that implausible.
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    “When I delete *any internet post..”

    There. Fixed it.
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    @alcatraz627 I mean they can store anything you type in there I guess, but I could also see how folks would misunderstand how that works too...

    I do think that if folks are upset "they kept the content I typed in their app, but I backspaced" that's more of a user education time than much else ;)
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    @alcatraz627 this would be incredibly easy to test, just open the Developer Console and see what (if any) web calls are made during your typing, or any changes made to local storage.

    Could even just install a proxy like Fiddler, set it to monitor for a special key string like AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA and then scream into your status window without pressing send.
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    On topic however, a lot of companies do this for record keeping (for example web shops would have fucked up order histories if they have to delete the orders connected to a customer).

    These will generally flag an account as deleted and then depersonalize it within the statutory time frame. (I think 30 days)
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