I was messing with my Ubuntu setup, and somehow, I broke it

Since I didn't have a recent backup, I decided to switch to Manjaro

I'm in love

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    Why are you in Love?
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    @Linux It's fast as fuck, desktop feels clean and elegant, pacman is awesome, and I've had no compatibility issues so far
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    @10Dev u will 🤣
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    @de17 I know. I'm preparing myself for battle
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    Wait til you put animated Shaders for a desktop background. Let your imagination go wild
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    While all others are trying to find love or meaning of it; this dude wanna fuck an OS.
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    @de17 he won't ;)
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    Start ricing i3 or openbox, and see r/unixporn/
    Some of desktops posted there look like interior of premium limousine.
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    Looks good. I think it will be my choice for dual boot
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    Manjaro was second on my distro list after retiring Win 7.
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    @impune-pl Holy shit, those desktops are next level. You have any good guides for ricing?
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    @10Dev I'm just a mere admirer.
    That said i think man and wiki pages for i3 should be a good place to start.
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    @OneOrZero I didn't have driver issues for my new desktop except for my 10 year old printer where the scanner was a bit bitchy to get going.
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    Manjaro is so far my fav distro I’ve worked with
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    It's almost a year I'm using manjaro
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    It's pretty I may change to it on one of my rigs to try it out. I'm a fan of Mint so this doesn't look to far off. My favorite is of course is Kali.
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