“Millennials are picking up their phones on average of 237 times per day. The machines have not adapted to the millennials. The millennials have adapted to the machines.”
Started listening to this book. So far so good.

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    237 times?!
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    Bloody millennials, can't even let the old man win a daily pickup challenge 😞
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    I mean..
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    @Cyanide that’s what book said. It’s about current trends so don’t take it to seriously.

    It’s probably mostly about social media junkies.
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    my average for last week is 37
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    @Cyanide What app is that?
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    @Lor-inc That is the inbuilt Screen Time service/app in iPhone if you are talking about the whole image.
    Or are you talking about Signal?
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    That's once every 4 minutes if you're awake for 16 hours a day. Wtf?
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    Another one - after man reach age 64 there are only 62 unmarried man for unmarried 100 woman.

    edit: and proceeds with whole chapter about old people fucking and getting diseases right after πŸ˜‚
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    @jespersh Thanks man. I was too lazy to do the maths. Cheers.
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    Do they mean generation Z? (aka zoomers) Millenials are between 25 and 40 years old and did not grow up with smartphones.
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    @rooter screen time on iOS, is built into iOS.
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    @theuser I am listening to audiobook so I started to be concerned but yes it’s in the book page 13

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    @rooter some more stats introduced later that explain this trend a little

    4-17 kids stats
    2003 7.8% with adhd
    2014 11% with adhd

    american kids are taking same amount of medicine pils as their parents

    overall nice book and I’m not even halfway
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    @rooter yeah it might be we just started to measure and publicize data on how fucked up we all are
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    @vane When child mortality rates were first measured and published the general public was absolutely terrified, so being aware of just how easily humans can break may will probably change our social behavior.
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    Mark Penn’is
    Teee heeee
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    @rooter on storytel
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