A question to all experienced developers!
What is that one thing or advice that you would like to give to your past self when you just started programming ?

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    Just date multiple people and take their money THEN start a programming career.
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    - Stop being poor
    - leave town sooner, there's no opportunity there
    - report your uncle for child abuse
    - your grandfather hides the good liquor in the pesticide shed
    - your parents are stealing money from you
    - don't stop the car from rolling in front of traffic that time your dad fell asleep at the wheel
    - get a new phone number and lose the old one

    All of this would save me time and is useless for everyone else. 😋
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    Keep it simple, stupid. You learn a lot of concepts, but you shouldn't use them everywhere you can.
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    Dunno. Maybe "spend less time in useless uni" and "get your shit together, you useless depressed piece of shit!"
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    Don't bother with interpreted languages and learn properly typed ones right away
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    @SortOfTested "Stop being poor" lmao "Just buy a house" or what
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    Don't be so hard on yourself.
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    With my family, poor was a choice and a culture. Their decisions, laziness, stupid spending and irresponsible pleasure seeking kept them in their miserable station.
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    I wish I could go back and tell myself in college that:

    "Bro, everyone else is as confused as you are, maybe more. Keep at it, you'll love this after a while."

    I don't know if it would have worked, but I would have liked to start with coding rather than change to it much later in life.
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    @F1973 why?
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    @F1973 wow. That's a lot.
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    @F1973 Number 3 is so relatable. You're gonna have fun nuking that network. It feels fuckinh awesome. I hope you meet better people.
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    @F1973 You had me crying into my cum sock. That is precious. :')
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    @N00bPancakes That and "dude, chill
    Stop overusing that big brain of yours."

    @OP You're at 666. You know the drill
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    If I'm repeating, my apologies.
    Start at C. Not C++ (please don't start with python), start with, C. When you have the basics down there, all the other languages will come much easier.
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    Choose the career path for becoming a medic for the navy instead.
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    Take naming seriously; getting into the habit of using full, descriptive names that describe what things are there for, with no abbreviations, data types, or generic words, such as `function`, `handler`, or `factory`.

    Structure your code up front by writing comments describing what should happen where and when and then writing the code the comment is for afterwards.

    Always add thorough comments for things that are not done in a standard or obvious way.
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    Comment you code. Future you will appreciate it.
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    @Inxentas write your code so it won't require comments
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