Our team is splitting into two development teams.

What are some clever/catchy/funny team names you would suggest?

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    The Great Divorce

    When The Titties Part Ways

    The Space Between The Balls And The Anus Is Called The Taint

    I don't know..
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    Kaptol and Gradec
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    @rutee07 haha

    Take note that we're a half-serious company so this will not work.

    Some other team names, Team Hydra, Team Andromeda, Team Tutto Fatto, Misfits etc.
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    @DanijelH Sodom and Gomorrah?
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    Untitled Team
    Untitled Team(1)
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    Alpha and Bravo . Inspired by msi amd ryzen laptop naming scheme. If there is another split name the third team Charlie ando the fourth team Delta
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    @AkshayTolwani that's NATO phonetic alphabet
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    Team Laurel
    Team Hardy
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    The A team.
    The Plan B team.
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    • “The cracked egg” 🍳
    • “Schism”
    • “Wet duck”

    About bloody time?
    • “Oil” and “water”

    • “The better half”

    • “The third half”

    Bragging AND insulting?
    • “A” and “B”
    • “Right” and “[What’s] Left”
    • “git” and “svn”
    • “XP” and “ME”
    • “Waffles” and “pancakes”
    • “Scotch” and “Water”
    • “Rick” and “Morty”

    Mutual compliments?
    • “Cupcakes” and “Frosting” (backend vs frontend!)
    • “Too” and “Spicy”
    • “Bob” and “Marley”

    Mutual insults?
    • “Copy” and “Paste”
    • “Flip” and “Flop”
    • “Ren” and “Stimpy”
    • “Spongebob” and “Patrick”
    • “The busy hand” and “The lonely hand”

    • “Hurd” and “Hird” (Great architecture, stupid name)

    Sounds cool but is actually stupid?
    • “Electron” and “Positron”

    • “Pi” and “Tau”
    • “Sine” and “Cosine”

    Insulting math?
    • “Integral” and “Derivative”
    • “Real” and “Imaginary”

    Stupid sounding math?
    • “Power” and “Tower”

    Boring as fuck?
    • “Team 1” and “Team 2”

    Full teenage super-cringe?
    • “Rip” and “Tear”
    • “Horde” and “Alliance”
    • “Alien” vs “Predator”
    • “Slim” and “Shady” (with endless standup jokes)
    • “The Senior Rockstar Code Ninjas, AKA The SRC Ninjas ⚔️”
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    Barium and Krypton
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    @Root “Spicy” and “Too Spicy” *
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    "Pat" & "Mat" 😄
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    Bobs and Vagene.
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    long john_silver

    For those that do not know, in python, a variable that starts and ends with two underscores is a "Dunder"
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    Team A and Team 1. If you ever need another one, don't forget to call them Team First.
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    Left Twix and Right Twix?
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    React and React Native
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    @AkshayTolwani Act and React
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    Alpha and Beta
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    @ZEROCODE Actually I like your username.
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