Ticket: Allow merchants to customize how their Wallet Passes look! It’ll be super easy, just add these nine merchant-modifiable strings (they support vars) and use their contents for text instead of what we use now. Simple!

Reality: There need to be 24 strings, there are some rules I can’t convey to the merchant (because the system literally does not include instructions, only a name and a textbox), the code to generate the wallet pass is inefficient, uncommented, branching spaghetti that I’ll need to rewrite (it seriously generates every possible field, and then only uses the ones it needs), the specs are so much worse, and half the default values they want aren’t even possible. As in, I don’t know if it’s a car loan, let alone the exact make and model of the bloody thing.

And no, sorry, we have no way of knowing what their fucking “vertical” is, either, so we can’t display that. Fucking sales.



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    Right from the start that reads like, not a ticket, more of a project that needs discussion.
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    "Just write a BNF diction and parser, and implement a custom DSL for vendors to configure their custom wallet pass look and feel.

    Oh, and don't forget to make it simple to use kthxbaiiiii ❤️☯️☮️🕉️🕊️📣"
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    Ain't you on vacation?
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    Root be like 404 vacation not found
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    This surely takes 10 minutes max.
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    Reminds me of this paraphrased xkcd:

    Client: Just determine if the image was taken in a national park...

    Dev: Ok fine

    Client: And if the image contains a bird...

    Dev: Definitely not fine.
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