I'm starting to get sick of working with handed over projects that previous devs think they are masters of programming and their code is nothing but pure chaos ....

I'm given a project written in Java & Swift, API class is initiated a million times in same view, has access to android context, custom font is applied by creating custom text view instead of applying customization in styles file ....

Still haven't yet looked into iOS code but I'm not expecting much ...

Sometimes I wonder why I chose working with code

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    I like to think I enjoy giving code makeovers. I would look at them initially and say, "Gorrll, ya look ugly as fukkk. Lemme fix that."

    When I'm done, I say, "Bam! Who is she? Who is she? Wuuuut? Twirl for me, gorl, twirl. Beauty! Yer on fayyyer!!"
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    @rutee07 I used to look at it that way, but when a messed up project comes in, and you have one month to fix that mess, I don't think it will be one of those moments you spoke about
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    @gitpush "Gorl, you hopeless. I ain't do no miracles! Get out of my saaaalon!!"
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    @rutee07 get out of my rant :P
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    Sorry to burst your bubble but that same rhetoric will apply to the next programmer that will look at your code...
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    I usually think this:

    THANK GOD someone is stupider then me!

    Is your boss tech savvy? I once goy away with rewriting a homebrew project in Zend without anyone even noticing. It was quicker and cleaner then trying to salvage the clusterfuck I was given.
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