Me: *Killing tickets like there's no tomorrow*

Others: Doing nothing.

Manager: Well, since you are closing tickets here are some from your coworkers.

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    oh shi... that's harsh
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    Guaranteed, my response would have been: “Let me close my coworkers instead”
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    The best is when they add someone to a project because the workload is way too big for a single person. But then the person they added can't complete more than a single ticket a week so they reassign everything back to you. Or the other dev gets a ton of defects that then get assigned to you, effectively adding more work instead of lowering it.
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    @ChaoticGoods so true, so unfair.
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    Can I have some work on my work please?
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    "Sure, and I get the salary from my coworkers as well right?"
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    @AlmondSauce haha haha haha haha haha. Good joke. Now deal with the 127 open tickets I shoveled to you.
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