Feature not a bug...

My work laptop has started rebooting almost every night.

It's not clear why, but I sort of think of it as a feature now.

I have an ultra-wide monitor, plus another wide next to that one, and a bunch of virtual desktops.

I often think "ok everything is where it is that's good" but coming in reality with a bazillion things open across all the desktops and screens sometimes when I come back the next day ... it's actually just a lot of mess / overhead to pick up where I was.

Sometimes I think we introduce a lot of complexity to solve a problem and ... actually it's just more complexity if you're not already 8 layers deep.

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    If so check taskschd
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    Yeah it's Windows.

    I actually suspect it is the SSD that is funky. This laptop has had a habit of rando blue screening once in a while... but never enough for me to care.

    I will check that though thanks.
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    Yep, if it always happens at the same time something is definetly scheduled as a repeating task.
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    If it is Windows, then it is nothing out of ordinary...
    Leave your laptop/computer sleeping? yayy, time for updates!!
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    Maybe it blue screens those nights.

    It would be better to intentionally cause a blue screen when you want to reboot the machine.
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