Client: I need this very complex feature

Dev : Ok, give me approx 2 weeks, this is new to me, have to do r&d.

Client: I can't give you 2 weeks, you have 2 days.

Dev: Somehow manages to complete in 2 days.

After few weeks.

Client's representative : What's the progress on the new features?

Dev: You haven't mentioned any new features yet.

Client's representative: I don't care, it's been weeks now, here are more complex features, I need them tomorrow.


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    Don't let them play you like that.
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    become king kong stand on the table and drum on your chest. Show the client who's the alpha male.
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    Set the expectation by completing initial task in two days instead of the estimated two weeks. They derived from this, that the estimations are vastly exaggerated even though they are not.
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    @Maer Yeah, that's exactly the case. Will see how it goes. Couldn't do much about it I guess!
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    @heyheni Right, assert dominance!
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    Hope you sell at a skyrocket price your support.

    2 weeks in 2 days, I can presume no TDD and low quality. Do not put yourself in crappy position like this one. Clients like this doesn't see the big picture, morons.
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    That is fucking ridiculous, what the shit
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    Charge the rush and fuk it
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    Ya if a client does this I pull a half previous estimate and rush charges. Clients aren't programmers they can't estimate stuff that's why they are hiring you.
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    Charge extra and deliver in 1 week top. You can have an extra effort to deliver earlier, of course, but you have a life as well.
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    These are the client who deserve this on the demo date.. :P
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    "i can't give you 2 weeks, you have 2 days"

    well, then i trust you can give me 300% of my normal rate for the rush job. i just started working on it, expect invoice in 2 days.
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