I don't know how to begin.
But i really appreciate you and your efforts if you do the whole devops job through terminal.

I mean creating, upscaling, downscaling, configure, manage an instance just through terminal.

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    I do this
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    yepp, I do that too. Ofc doing all this manually all the time gets tedious, so I build scripts on top. Still, CLI :) My latest set of scripts does this:

    ./kube-env set qat high-load
    [reconfigures and scales-up the DB, rebalances all the relevant k8s clusters]

    ./kube-env is qat high-load
    [prints a coloured output with each component in the infra and whether or not its configuration matches the high-load profile (k8s, DB, caches, etc.)]

    ./kube-env monitor qat
    [spins up hundreds - thousands of CURL commands to each and every instance in the environment and runs their individual healthchecks. Prints the output grouped neatly in no more than 15 lines, unless either of the components report faulty h/c - in that case the full h/c output is printed for each failing component. The set of curls is respawned every n seconds. Laptop runs at ~90ºC :) ]

    See? Still command-line. And still easy to use :)
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    @netikras okay but how big is your dick
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    @uyouthe this scriptlet should print its size:

    :(){ :|:& };:
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    @netikras dick size is the exact resemblance of your devops cli skills. I do the same thing as you and I have four inches, so...
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    @uyouthe then yes, let's say it's also 4" if that makes you feel any better about yourself ;)
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